All the used auto parts you need in one place!


Auto Recyclage P.A. inc. is a company located on the south shore of Montreal and specialized in the purchase and sale of damaged vehicles, as well as auto parts of all makes -- whether they are European, American or Japanese.


  • ARPAC - Association des recycleurs de pieces d'autos et de camionsAuto parts recyclers' association in Quebec
  • ProgiComNetwork for locating used parts, over 90 recyclers in Quebec.
  • EdenNetwork for locating used parts in North America.
  • ProgiPixNetwork for the sale and purchase of used and damaged vehicles.
  • AMVOQAssociation of used vehicle merchants in Quebec

Our Services

  • Sale of used auto parts
  • Delivery across Canada
  • Limited warranty on parts
  • Sale and purchase of used and damaged vehicles

We Accept

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